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Fab Neo

Fab Neo is a project with an aim to create a compact milling machine for PCB fabrication that can be made in any Fab lab. This is largely an experiment on fabricating motion systems.

The initial idea revolved around reducing the number of parts required a make a functional CNC mill. This involved designing and testing flexures as a Z-axis system, replacing linear bearings with plain bearings, using easily available round shafts as linear guides etc.

The core idea which started the project was, for PCB mills we only need two accurate Z positions. A 0.15 mm depth to mill out the traces and 1.8 mm depth to mill out the board and the holes. This extreme optimization meant we can tailor the machine just for PCB milling in an economical way. Since this is a core capability its worth while to have hardware dedicated to it.

Actively developing at

What follows is an experiment in brevity.

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