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Title: Intro to CAD
Date: Week of 11 Sept ‘06
Details: Get to know CAD software; model an object
Tools used: Blender, a free CAD package
What I learnt: CAD tools take a long time to master, but you can get results just knowing the basics Warning about this week
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Here’s what happened ...
I learnt how to use Blender. It took about a weekend. It’s not that hard provided you have a good tutorial to follow.
I decided to model a system I’ll be designing and constructing as part of my thesis research. Certain elements might even double as part of my final project for MAS.863. The result (above) shows a 4-arm gondola centrifuge. On each arm is mounted a single rodent cage, supported on a rod such that it can tilt out to the appropriate angle when the centrifuge is spinning. It is driven by a motor and gearband located adjacent to the central support strut.