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Name: Jim Gwinner
Age: 17
Birthday: November 28
School: Westside
Favorite vacation: Whistler
Favorite book: Skaters rule 
Favorite movie: Hit the dirt
Favorite quote: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing. Warning About me relevant links
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Here’s what happened ...
The waterjet is capable of cutting metal with a computer-controlled high powered jet of water with entrained abrasive (garnet, a semi-precious metal).
I decided to design a flexure which would have 4-way rotational symmetry and would permit circular motion of an attached object. I used Illustrator for a first draft, then CorelDraw to export as DXF. The DXF file could be imported by OMAX Layout and (after a huge amount of cleanup!) exported to OMAX Make for machining.
About this week
Title: Design and waterjet a flexure
Date: Week of 06 Nov
Details: A flexure is a substrate which can permit linear motion in a certain direction or along a predefined path
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, OMAX waterjet 
What I learnt: The waterjet doesn’t always work ...