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Name: Jim Gwinner
Age: 17
Birthday: November 28
School: Westside
Favorite vacation: Whistler
Favorite book: Skaters rule 
Favorite movie: Hit the dirt
Favorite quote: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing. Warning About me relevant links
Keep out
Here’s what happened ...
Unfortunately I was in Atlanta for work for 3 days of this week, so I didn’t have a chance to be too creative for this assignment.
To understand Internet Zero at a high level, I read the paper
I built new stereo cables.
For this week’s assignment I first converted each of the boards into Eagle because was causing my classmates so much trouble. Also, Eagle would ensure compatibility with other boards I had already designed (for future add-on functionality). I fabricated and populated one i0.16, one i0.15, and two i0.14 boards, and I programmed them with the corresponding code in either the "byte" or the "packet" section, making sure to change the char variable for the "byte" code from one i0.14 to the other, and swapping the source_address_byte_4 and destination_address_byte_4 for the "packet" code from one i0.14 to the other.
Didn’t have time to run a final test and make sure that everything worked, but I think it should check out just fine.
About this week
Title: Internet Zero
Date: Week of 27 Nov
Details: Build and network i014, i015 and i016 boards
Tools used: Eagle,,, new Internet Zero software
What I learnt: is a difficult transition for electrical engineers used to working with graphical software