Tout Wang

PhD Student
Department of Physics
Harvard University
and the MIT-Harvard
Center for Ultracold Atoms
Week 1
Project Proposal
Helmet Mounted Bicycle Light System
Week 2
Computer-Controlled Cutting
Imperial Star Destroyer
Week 3
Electronics Production
A Small Printed Circuit Board
Week 4
3D Printing and Scanning
Canadian Ring
Week 5
Computer-Controlled Machining
Personalized Kitchen Counter Stool
Week 6
Electronics Design
Printed Circuit Board Design in Eagle
Week 7
Molding and Casting
Chocolate Medallions
Week 8
Embedded Programming
Morse Code Translator
Week 9
Harvard Shield
Week 10
Input Devices
Four Button on a Board
Week 11
Output Devices
2D LED Matrix
Week 12
Networking and Communications
2.4 GHz Wireless Link
Week 13
Machine Building in Sections
Light Painting Machine
Week 14
Final Project
Bicycle Helmet-Mounted LED Matrix