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Electronics Production

  • Week 3

Things that went wrong:

  1. My cellphone camera stopped working so I couldn't take that many pictures

  2. We couldn't get the board to mill correctly. We fiddled with the settings on the milling machine - everything from changing the milling depth to adjusting the tool height, from using another tool to restarting the server. Finally, we milled the board on the machine right next to it

  3. My first board was not detected by the computer using the comand lsusb. We could programm it using make program, etc command, but it was not detected by the computer and could not reprogram another board. We debugged the connections on the board and resoldered a few components, and everything look right, so in the end, I made another board from scratch that worked!

The machine wouldn't drill correctly

Half image

I didn't correctly/fully solder the components

Half image

Things that went great:

  1. I was with my friends, Pedro and Anna, and it was a lot of fun doing the project with themThank you, Anna and Pedro!

  2. We made milled some extra boards anticipating that each of us would screw up at least once. So I needed to make another board, all I to do was solder the components and not mill another board

  3. I learnt a lot of debugging techniques for the circuit board. Since my board was programmable, I knew that the microprocessor was working correctly and that I should check other components (Eric told me that). I found out how to check if the oscillator was working using an oscilloscope (again thanks, Eric). Finally, I meticulously checked all the connections using DMM, and all the soldering under the microscope.

We danced Salsa while our boards were milling - it was too painful to look at them for the 3rd hour.

Half image

I learned how to check if the oscillator on the circuit was working with an oscilloscope

Half image

At least the second board worked! ;)

Single large image