Marshall Prado

I spent some time making on of Andy's fabduino chips this week in order to have a little more flexibility on the programming side. I new I wanted to work with a Processing/Arduino workflow since it seemed the easiest to pickup in such a short time.

I am extremely thankful to Jennifer who not only let me in the shop to work over the break but also helped me troubleshoot problems and add the bootloader on the chip. I only had cut files for the fabduino so we spent a good deal of time mapping out the pins for later use.

Once we had the pins mapped out it was easy enough to configure a processing script to interface them. We almost ruined the board while mapping by inadvertently connecting the VCC to the GND. Luckily we only fried a LED.

I used a standard arduino output script which I modified to turn pins on and off at the touch of an on screen button. There are still quirky problems that I am working out. For instance, some pins do not turn on, some turn on with multiple buttons and some don't work if others are turned on.