Marshall Prado

My goal is to create a sculpture that captures the movement of an object or body in motion. I hope to do this by creating one or two machines. The first is a rotating attachment for a milling maching that can be used to mill on all sides of a form. The second is a laser scanner that can be used to capture the profiles of the changing object. These lines can then be used to creat milling paths for that object. This a ambitious project for me, and though I have experience in making things, I would be delighted to complete this project even at a basic level. I have found examples of both complex and simple solutions to doing this that may lead to a viable project.

I am interested in creating a fixturing base for rotational milling the above example shows how this would work. The example above shows a high-tech robot example that can coordinate its movements with the milling robot.

This can be done in several ways, both vertical and horizontal. It can also be avery manual process of rotating a base to mill from multiple sides. It can be used as a cnc lathe or as a way to add another axis to a milling machine.

A secondary part of this project would be to make a profile scanner for input data. Ideally this would scan a person to make profiles which could be milled using the rotational milling. By scanning a person in motion the milled profiles would be a captured movement of time.