Marshall Prado

Milling the board was pretty straight forward, much like before The one problem I had was when I was setting up the file for the Modela I either loaded the wrong png file or did not write the .rml to the machine. I would like to thank Allen, though for setting up the file before me because I milled his file without any problems. Instead of using the mill to cut out the board I used the corner shears to cut out the approximate shape. Because Allen and I had similar looking board designs, I didn't realize it until we were stuffing them that there were some other things included in the file. Allen's design had pins for not one, but three LEDs. Since we were both stuffing at the same time I decided to add the LEDs as well so that I could possibly experiment with them during programming.

Since programming micro-controllers is a completely foreign thing to me, I focused on just getting it to work. Thanks to our wonderful TAs this wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I programmed it in C two different ways, with one LED working and with three LEDs alternating ON/OFF when I pushed the button. I'll still have to work on doing it myself but for the most part it was a simple process. The hardest part was simply finding a FDTI cable that I could use. Without it there is basically no way to tell if it was working.