Eric VanWyk

How to Make (almost) Anything


Final Project Proposal

Titanium Paintbrush

Week 1: Computer Controlled Cutting

Laser Donuts

Week 2: Electronics Fabrication

In-System Programming

Week 3: 3d Scanning and Printing



Week 4: Computer Controlled Machining

Shoe Rack

Week 5: Electrical Design

Laser PCBs

Week 6: Molding and Casting

Modeling for Molding

Earl Grey Truffles

Week 7: Embedded Programming

Hardware Ring Oscillators

Week 8: Output Device

DIY Electromagnets: Coil Winding

USB AM Radio Station

Week 9: Input Device

Stuffing a 0.5mm pitch LGA IMU

Week 10: Interfaces

LabVIEW test interface

Week 11: Machines that Make

Delta Bot Arms

Final Project: Ferrosketch