MAS863: How to Make Almost Anything by Vik Parthiban


Hello! My name is Vik, and I'm a researcher and graduate student in the Object-Based Media group at the Media Lab! I'm currently working on new human-computer interfaces and holographic technology for augmented reality applications. If you're curious about my work, feel free to email me at

Week 1: Computer-aided Design (CAD).

Week 2: Press Kit

Week 3: Electronics Production

Week 4: 3D scanning and printing

Week 5: Electronics Design

Week 6: CNC Make Something Big

Week 7: Embedded programming

Week 8: Molding and casting

Week 9: Output devices

Week 10: Machine Building

Week 11: Input devices

Week 12: Interface and application programming

**BONUS WEEK**: Nanofabrication (MIT 6.152J)

Week 13: Networking and communications

Week 14: Composites

Week 15: Final project