Danielle Aspitz

MAS.863 | How to Make (Almost) Anything


an AVR ISP programmer/board


1. Design
2. Fabrication

This week's goal was to create our very own electronic circuit board, which ultimately can be used to program other boards! Exciting.

3. Design

The design was essentially given to us as we were told the greatest challenge to overcome is actually making the board, learning the design process is easy. I sincerely hope this to be true, as I am quite daunted by the seeming complexity, but am happy to say I've mastered the skills in making one of these AVR boards, and can't wait to unveil the mystery in designing my own circuit board! This one we were given was Brian's latest improvement on a multi-year-long search within this class to further finesse and optimize this board to it's finest essence of simplicity while retaining it's full functionality.

Figure 1. Brian's board
4. Fabrication
Figure 2. Milling
Figure 3. Cut Board
Figure 4. Gathered Components
Figure 5. Station Set-Up
Figure 6. Soldered Components to Board + Jumper Soldered Shut
Figure 7. Board gets Programmed
Figure 8. Jumper Solder Lifted
Figure 9. Process Complete!
Figure 10. Completed FabTinyISP + Jumper Cable