Danielle Aspitz

MAS.863 | How to Make (Almost) Anything

Output Devices

Make a new board to hook up to an output device


1. Mill Board
2. Gather Components + Solder
3. Program board
4. Attach speaker

1. Mill Board

The goal this week was to experiment and play around with output devices.
As I'd experienced before my corner was too high when milling and after recalibrating a few times I simply moved the origin to the middle of the board to ensure it was flat.

Figure 1. Take I/h6>
Figure 2. Take II/h6>
Figure 3. Success/h6>
2. Gather Components + Solder

I found this printed map of the components to my board but later found it was mislabled.

Figure 4. Board
Figure 5. Roadmap/h6>
Figure 6. Accidentally soldered this force making it harder to place the 2x3 header.
Figure 7. All soldered
3. Program Board

Mac Terminal still didn't work so I used Aruduino.

4. Attach speaker

My first speaker didn't work, but upon testing the circuit everything was fine so I figured I must have fried the first speaker because the second two I tried did work so the board was programmed.

Figure 8. Noisy little speaker