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Valdemar Danry HTMAA 2022

MAS.863 How To Make (Almost) Anything

FINAL Wearable Neurostimulator

01 Computer Aided Design

02 Electronics Production

03 3D Scanning & Printing

04 Electronics Design

05 Make Something Big

06 Embedded Programming

07 Casting

08 Input Electronics

09 Output Electronics

10 Networking & Communications

11 Interface Programming

12 Machine Week

13 Wildcard Week

01 Valdemar Danry

I am second year Graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab. I am interested in the intersection between philosophy, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. My background is in Philosophy of Mind and New Media Art (XR and AI art). For this course, I am excited to learn the tools to explore combining artificial intelligence with fabrication (my previous artistic work has been solely virtual), and learning how to build my own custom brain stimulation devices. I do not know much about electronics but excited to learn.