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Week 12

13 Wildcard Week


After the tough few weeks, I wanted to do something more laid back. I've been wanting to do computational embroidery for some time now, so was glad to finally get the opportunity.

I first got started in Adobe Illustrator with making a design. I was inspired by a personal memory of my girlfriend and I holding "hands" with our feet and so I thought it would be pretty funny to make a shirt that design on it. To get started, I found a few reference images and then started drawing each foot. I then found some colors that I really liked.

Next, I imported the SVG exports from Adobe Illustrator into the InkScape software that I had downloaded and added the InkStitch extension. Using the InkStitch, I tried to simulate the embroidery patterns without making any changes to the embroidery and was actually pretty happy with it. I therefore exported the design as a ".pes" file and loaded it into the Brother sewing machine using a USB stick. I then put the area that I wanted the embroidery to be on into the sewing frame and placed it using the Brother touch screen. I then loaded the proper colored string and pressed go. When it was done with each color, it would let me know and I would then change it. The final result turned out pretty good!