I debugged my Charlieplex board and got it to work! I then wrote some code (borrowing heavily from an example I found in this Instructables) to light up the board from Arduino.

LEDs lit up using Arduino


The assignment this week was to write an application that interfaces with an input or output device. I worked on developing the visualization for my final project. Since I only have one set of working pieces right now, I wanted to use that single pair to create a 3D model consisting of many pieces.

Last week, I wrote a program that can control two pieces on screen and propogate a single potentiometer value to multiple pieces. This week, I focused on controlling multiple pieces independently.

My program from last week

First, I had to remake the Fabduino board since mine broke.  I've made enough of these now that I know how to debug them decently well, and this one programmed on the first try!!

My 7th attempt at creating a Fabduino board - it programmed on the first try!

I started by creating an interface using only keyboard commands. The commands are:

a:        add a piece
d:        delete a piece
up:      move the piece clockwise
down: move the piece counterclockwise
left:    move to the next piece to the leftof the current piece
right:   move to the next piece to the right of the current piece

The current piece in focus is indicated by the white piece in the model.

I then worked to incorporate the potentiometer value from the physical set I have to alter the model.

Working program from this week

A generated 3D model in Processing

For some reason, I am constantly getting the error "Out of Memory" in Processing. I increased the maximum available memory to 2000 MB, but my skech is constantly freezing in Processing.


I then wanted to create a GUI for lighting up LEDs on a charlieplex-ed board. I started off creating the interface in Processing that allows you to define your grid of LEDs. Then I realized that I had no FTDI ports on my charlieplexing board to actually communciate with Arduino, so I stopped.


Twist Kit

Charlieplexing Arduino code