How To Make (Almost) Anything - MTM & Final Project Revisited

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MAS 863 How To Make (Almost) Anything | Fall 2011

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Week 1 - Final Design Proposal

Week 2 - Make Press Fit Kit

Week 3 : Make FabISP in-circuit programmer

Week 4.1 : Make Something BIG

Week 4.2 : Final Project Review

Week 5 : Molding & Casting

Week 6 : Embedded programming

Week 7 : 3D scanning and printing

Week 8 : Input devices

Week 9 : Output devices

Week 10: Machine design & Final Project Revisted

Week 11: Networking and communications

Week 12: Final presentation

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"Interactive Bridge"

I have decided to do an Interactive Garden Bridge programmed using ModKit or Grasshopper for my final project.

This week our assignment was to "build a wired &/or wireless network with at least two nodes."

What will it do?
What's been done before?
What will you need to develop?
What will be done when?
What materials and components will be needed?
What will it cost?

1. Txt file to myself on procedure for uploading material to site.

Website: http://www.vernellenoel.com/
Blog: http://thinkinginsomniac.wordpress.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thinkinginsomniac/


Image of a bridge lit up by LED's

Photo of an interactive bridge

Photo of an interactive bridge

Photo of an interactive bridge
Garden Bridge
43 Components of Garden Bridge
Sectional Mockup of Garden Bridge

Render of Cobra Bridge built using 43 parts


Another view of Cobra Bridge  

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