How To Make (Almost) Anything - Final Design Project Review

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MAS 863 How To Make (Almost) Anything | Fall 2011

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Week 1 - Final Design Proposal

Week 2 - Make Press Fit Kit

Week 3 : Make FabISP in-circuit programmer

Week 4.1 : Make Something BIG

Week 4.2 : Final Project Review

Week 5 : Molding & Casting

Week 6 : Embedded programming

Week 7 : 3D scanning and printing

Week 8 : Input devices

Week 9 : Output devices

Week 10: Machine design & Final Project Revisted

Week 11: Networking and communications

Week 12: Final presentation

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Final Design Project Review

Ideas for my Final Design Project are still not certain. As I continue to learn more, experiment, and see more, moe possibilities, and impossibilities arise.

  1. I am still toying with what "Time in a Bottle" looks like to me. The design and the mechanism involved. I am no clock maker.
  2. I am also thinking about building my ideal 10' x 10' x 10' living pod. I am a traveller and small, mobile living fascinates me.
  3. Additionally, after having such fun engraving my sketches, the idea of a "Story House" came to mind. Where one goes inside a box of engraved stories that envelop you.

What is the goal?

What is the prior art?

What are the systems and components?

What questions will I need to answer?

Time in a Bottle
10' x 10' x 10' living pod
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