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Week 1 - Final Design Proposal

Week 2 - Make Press Fit Kit

Week 3 : Make FabISP in-circuit programmer

Week 4.1 : Make Something BIG

Week 4.2 : Final Project Review

Week 5 : Molding & Casting

Week 6 : Embedded programming

Week 7 : 3D scanning and printing

Week 8 : Input devices

Week 9 : Output devices

Week 10: Machine design & Final Project Revisted

Week 11: Networking and communications

Week 12: Final presentation

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"Ouput Devices"

This week our assignment was to "add an output device to a microcontroller board and program it to do something."

I decided to do an RGB LED and SPEAKER for output devices. I did four (4) boards; two to be programmed with C, and the other two to be programmed with ModKit.

Remember if you are using ModKit, you have to redesign your board. Thanks to Yoav's help I was able to get some guidance on redesigning my board with Eagle.

Everything went fine with milling and soldering my components on all four (4) PCB boards. With Adam Setapen's help I programmed 2 of the boards using C from the command line. We tried to figure out how to use WinAVR... but that was unsuccessful.. so he just showed me using the command line.

Both boards worked... the RGB Led, and the Speaker.

I then tried to program my boards with ModKit.. I got the RGB Led board to run very well. I experimented with the codes... and they were fine.

I did not have the same success with the speaker board though. Why, I don't know as yet. I will find out.

Lessons Learned:

1. Modkit is a great place to start but assistance on using the program is still needed..

2. Mark your ground pins on your connections.

1. Txt file to myself on procedure for uploading material to site.

2. RGB Eagle files (board).

3. Speaker files (board).

4. RGB Led Board trace and outline.

5. Speaker Board trace and outline.

Website: http://www.vernellenoel.com/
Blog: http://thinkinginsomniac.wordpress.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thinkinginsomniac/

Layout for RGB Led Board
Photo of RGB Led Board
Layout for Speaker Board
Photo of Speaker Board

Video of speaker making sounds ;-)

Eagle schematic of RGB board for Fabduino
Eagle board of RGB Led board for Fabduino
Photo of atom board with RGB Led to be used with Fabduino
Eagle schematic of speaker board for Fabduino
Eagle board of speaker board to be used with Fabduino
Photo of atom board for speaker to be used with Fabduino
Photo of both boards
Comparison of components on atom board versus USBTiny board
Screen shot of Modkit codes installed on board  
Video of RGB Led working
Video of RGB Led working
Video of RGB Led working

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