Behold! I can make things!

Project 1: Final Project Rendering

We designed what our final project would look like in as many ways as possible.

Project 2: Press Fit Construction

Built a rising stand for my desk external monitor based on the press fit desk my gf bought for me.

Project 3: Electronics Production

Mill a circuit board and stuff it with components.

Project 4: 3D Scanning and Printing

3D scan something. 3D print something.

Project 5: Computer Controlled Machining

Make Something Big

Project 6: Electronics Design

Design a circuit board

Project 7: Molding and Casting

Machine a mold and cast parts

Project 8: Embedded Programming

LED and Button Action!

Project 9: Composites

All of the burlap

Project 10: Input Devices

Lets sense some environments =)

Project 11: Output Devices

Talk to your environment

Project 12: Networking

Input + Output combined

Project 13: Interfaces

Visualizing the SmartBoot

Project 14: Machine Design

Chess playing machine

Final Project: Smart Boot!

Wicked Smaht!