LED that changes color based on accelerometer readings.


Input devices accelerometer worked. Output devices week I got an RGB to work. This week, I want to combine both of them. I want the LED color to change based on the amount my accelerometer tilts.

Final Project

I also had the time to finally get some feedback on my final project. The final thing I want to do is sketched below.

Essentially, I will have two forms of sensors as inputs. Two accelerometers (from input week), and four strain gauges. I will likely try the step response sample to determine a way to determine strain since strain gauges ended up being pretty expensive.

As for output sensors, I will have LEDs and vibrators. However, vibrators were also pretty expensive. Instead, I will use piezo-electric sensors. Rather than using them as an input devices to determine hardness, I will use them as output devices by pulsing them and using them a pseudo vibrators.

Each group of input devices and each group of output devices will have their own micro-controller. This will give me an easy way to test devices. Once both work, I will take the Tx of the input devices as the Rx of the output devices by connecting them with copper sheets and overcasting all the electronics with sorta-clear urethane from smooth-on.


Here it is! Working!