How To Make (Almost) Anything

Design. Fabricate. Code. Engineer. Hack. Make.

Week 15

Final Project.

FabBot Segway/Land Rover

Week 14

Machine Design (Group Project).

A Two-axis Light-painting Machine.

Week 13

Interface and Application Programming.

Visualizing a Robot's Orientation.

Week 12

Networking and Communications.

Streaming accelerometer data over Bluetooth.

Week 11

Output Devices.

Potentiometer-controlled servo motor.

Week 10

Input Devices.

Collecting sleep data via a 3-axis accelerometer.

Week 9


A fiber composite potential energy well fruit tray.

Week 8

Embedded programming.

An inexpensive data acquisition device with the ATtiny44.

Week 7

Molding and casting.

A wearable bracelet with embedded electronics.

Week 6

Electronics design.

Redesigning hello world.

Week 5

Make something big.

An extremely comfortable press-fit papasan chair.

Week 4

3D Scanning and Printing.

A 3D printed Rubik's cube.

Week 3

Make the FabISP.

A custom-made in-system programmer.

Week 2

Design a press-fit construction kit.

A desktop organizer/decorative art piece.

Week 1

Model a potential final project.

A wearable for augmenting reality.