week 11


Kept things quite simple this week, trying to get some wifi chips (ESP8266 to talk to one another

I initially attempted to program the chip using Arduino IDE, largely following this guide, which was about getting IDE to recognise the ESP package. After a few hours of trying to debug some seemingly innocuous errors, to do with the code in platform.txt which was supposed to write the current sketch into a .bin file (binary) for flashing.

After considerable frustration with this, we decided to go with the method presented by Neil in the class of going straight through Terminal. Using miniterm to open up a device specific terminal interface we could attempt to talk to the chip using the given sets of commands. This was quite fiddly process, but eventually we were able to connect to the wifi, open up a wifi connection on a specified port, and send messages to other IP addresses through this port. The following video shows the steps we (Kyle B and I) to communicate with one another.