Final Project

Week 14

A tracking page for my final project: a chess board that senses where the pieces are.

Building my first website

Week 0

When I started this course I was curious about the boundaries of the "(almost) anything" in "How to Make (almost) Anything". I was surprised to find out almost immediately that it includes making a website and learning how to use Git.

Learning CAD and designing a final project proposal

Week 0

Left is the preliminary model for a machine that generates electricity from lifting weights. Stationary bicycles that produce electricity are already in mass production but the technology has not made the jump to weight lifting and resistance training.

Vinyl Cutting

Week 1

Right is a laptop sticker I made using the vinyl cutter.

Laser Cutting

Week 1

Learning to build with the laser cutter has been the highlight of the course so far (2 weeks in). The assignment for the week was to use the laser cutter to build a press fit (think Lego's) construction kit made out of cardboard.

Fabricating a PCB

Week 2

In this week I learned how to mill a PCB using the Modela milling machine, how to solder components on to a board, how to program a board, and then test it on other devices.

3D Printing and Scanning

Week 3

This week I learned how to scan a 3D object and print one using the 3D printers in the lab.

Electronics Design

Week 4

This week I attempted to design a board in Eagle, mill the board, solder and then program it.

Making something big

Week 5

This week I attempted to build a rocking chair with the shotbot.

Embedded Programming

Week 6

This week I attempted to code my new board.

Molding and Casting

Week 7

This week I attempted to mold and cast using previous 3D prints and new designs.

Building an LCD board

Week 8

This week I wanted to build and test an LCD board with two buttons added to eventually serve as a stop watch.

Machine Design

Week 9

Class project on building a machine that draws on photosensative paper using a UV flashlight.


Week 10

This week I made loading capacitive sensors that will eventually be a part of my final project.

Interfaces and Applications

Week 11

This week I modified Neil's capacitive loading GUI to handle multiple sensors.


Week 12

This week I attempted to remake Neil's hello bus example.


Week 13

This week I attempted to make a composite of the inside of a mug.