HTM(A)A 2021  |  Lingdong Huang
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3D Scanning

For the 3D scanning assignment I scanned some (baby) bananas with Artec Leo.

First I held the scanner and walked around the bananas twice. I pulled out the SD, inserted into the computer, opened the software, clicked “autopilot”, then “next”, “next”, “next”, “next” and “next” and waited, and got a good mesh. Then I deleted the table underneath, by a combination of rectangular selection and thresholding by Z. This produced a hole at the bottom - which I filled with the hole filling feature. However, this also had the side effect of deleting my texture. So I asked the software to get my texture back. It did. It also let me adjust the color of the texture, which was useful, since I found the colors a bit dark and dull. I made my adjustments, was happy, exported and copied the files to my drive.