HTM(A)A 2021  |  Lingdong Huang
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I-Ching Divination Machine Demo video

Below is a video of the divination machine in action. The run took around 2 hours to complete. In this video, it is sped up 2x-16x. It is the first complete fortune told by this machine since its creation.

While recording, my phone ran out of storage several times (the footages add up to over 32GB), that's why some cuts can be seen.

The machine slowly shifts position over time due to the violent rotations, and on rare occasions, it jerks free of the power cable and unplugs itself. Therefore, every once in a while, you can see my hand moving the machine back into view, and ensuring that the cables are firm.

The final readout is ䷷䷁ (旅之坤).

There are three changed lines, so the interpretation should be based mainly on the original hexgram, and supplementally on the derived hexgram. The passages from I-Ching (English & Chinese) shown in the video can be found on here and here. Overall, I believe it predicts good-ish luck.