Unfortunately, MIT + Architecture do not work together, and I have the dubious honor of presenting not one, but two final projects from 1:30-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. The good thing is that now that the semester has (almost) ended, I can say that I have (almost) successfully presented the two projects and am looking forward to sleeping many, many hours in the days to come.

I was able to put together all of the separate components: the bike generator, the recharging circuit, the sensor board, and all of the other hardware. Unfortunately, I cast the wheel mounted onto the DC motor too small so I was not able to test my system. Hopefully, I will be able to cast a bigger and better wheel when I get back after IAP so that I can fully try out the Nifty Bike Light!


Final Parts List:

[SENSOR BOARD - Thanks to TAs Nadya and Brian for helping to debugg!!]
- All the components of Neil's hello.LCD.44 board from Output_Devices week
- Allegro Microsystems Hall Effect IC Sensor A1302KLHLT-T (Digi-Key 620-1021-1-ND)
- Green 1206 SMD LED (Digi-Key 160-1169-1-ND)
- 499 OHM 1206 SMD Resistor

[RECHARGING CIRCUIT - Thanks to TA Brian!!]
- Fairchild Semiconductor LM317T 1.25V IC Linear Voltage Regulator (Digi-Key LM317TFS-ND)
- 10uF 1206 Ceramic Capacitor
- 1N4001 Rectifier Diode (x2)
- 3.3V Zener Diode SOD-123 (Digi-Key BZT52C3V3-FDICT-ND)
- 3.5mm Two-Position Terminal Block (Digi-Key ED1514-ND x2)

[BIKE MOUNT - Thanks to TA James!]
- 0.04" Aluminum Sheet
- Smooth-On PMC-121-30 Dry Urethane Rubber

- Screws and bolts for the DC motor and main mount (I used 1/8" and 1/16" screws) - Neodymium magnets to mount onto a wheel (x2)
- 1/8" acrylic sheet to cast the wheel mounted onto the shaft of the motor
- Random chipboard scraps and copper foil for the rechargeable battery holder
- And other little pieces I may have forgotten!!


Battery Circuit Schematic

Sensor Board Schematic

I'll end here with my final thank-yous to all the wonderful people that made this project come together in the end. The How to Make (Almost) Anything team of teachers, TAs, and gurus really does make all the magic possible. I really enjoyed learning about all the different ways to make projects come to life in this class, and I look forward to developing more projects in the future using the skills that I have learned this past semester.

MAGNET.stl to Modela / Wax
hello.BIKE.44.c to ATtiny44 (Thanks to Jeremy, TA Valentin, and Noah for bits of coding inspiration and help!)