This all started about three years ago when someone stole my bike light from the Student Center. I have never gotten a replacement, but that lack of beacon in the dark has gotten me into some tricky situations. I saw this Kickstarter project called Blink / Steady a couple weeks ago and was really blown away with the simple concept that the bike light simply turns on by itself when sensors sense motion AND when a phototransistor senses that it is dark enough to warrant turning on the light.

At the time, it seemed like a great way to combine Input and Output Devices and Composites week into one giant project so I thought about turning it into a file project. There are many versions of the bike generator that I found while looking around online, but I hope to be able to make most of the system from parts found in the FabLab and using the different skills learned in this class. And hopefully, I will be able to develop this further into a V2.0. First addition: a motor to make this an electric bike! (Just kidding...but not really...)


The two main components are the sensor board with the LCD, LED, and hall effect IC sensor and the bike battery recharging board.

Schedule for the upcoming week:
- Get the LCD board + hall effect sensor duo up and running
- Make the battery recharging board and test with the stepper motor (Thanks to TA Brian!)
- Order remaining parts (or source them from places around MIT)
- Develop waterproof(-ish) housing for Nifty Bike Light V1.0 using Full Windsor folding fender example
- Get through the next week!! Almost there!!