Laser Cutting and Vinyl Printing

Week 2

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Stand-up to floor desk

Laser Cutting

From the CAD Model I created from Week 1, I made these laser-cut pressfit pieces. In order to send the data from Fusion 360 to Rhino (the vector program for the laser cutters), I had to create sketches of all the bodies and save it as a DXF file. I used the laser printers in the GSD. After configuring the settings of the laser based on the guide for an 1/8 inch ply, the design still did not cut all the way through.I adjusted the power by increasing it 5% but even that did not cut all the way through. This particular laser-cutter in the lab has done this in the past so I think it might be a hardware issue. Other machines in the lab had no problem with the settings. Since there was no more cardboard left in the lab and my time on the machine was up, I had no choice but just try to push out the pieces using a blade and force. What came out was jaggedy mess and the pieces did not fit too well with each other.

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When removing the bottom legs, the stand-up desk turns into a floor desk, perfect for my futon.

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Saturn Sticker

Vinyl Printing

I downloaded a png vector image of Saturn to print on the Vinyl cutter. Here is the outcome. I had to adjust the power to 100.