Wildcard Week

Large Format Cutting

This week we had to select among various digital fabrication processes (incorporating computer-aided design and manufacturing) not covered in another assignment, in order to design and produce something. I did the large format cutting session together with Jiri (and with the precious help of Alfonso!), hence, I decided to do my assignment under this session. The goal of our session was to make something big, using the Zund machine, in order to create a "living room"! Fangzheng, Antonella and me made press-fit furniture from folded cardboard (no adhesive, screws etc.), while D. decided to make a painting using the pen tool of the Zund with the help of Jiri. I made a cardboard chair for the CBA meeting room. Info and outcomes of our wildcard session can be found here , and our living room is shown in the following picture.

Chair Design

I designed my chair using Fusin 360. My design can be found and downloaded here.

Cutting Chair Parts with the Zund

Each chair part was designed as an individual Fusion scketch and exported in dxf file format. The Rhino software was used to assign different layers to parts with different cutting settings, i.e. through cut layer (parts to be cut completely using the through-cut oscillating blade - Z21), v-cut layer (parts to be folded and cut using the V-cut blade - Z71, with base depth -4mm), and v-cut_high layer (parts to be engraved using the V-cut blade - Z71, with base depth -10mm). After assigning the layers, the files were inserted in the Zund computer and the different cutting settings were defined for each layer and cutting tool.

Chair Assembling & Testing (!)

After cutting the chair parts, I assembled them together (with the help of John and James - thank you sooo much!). Then James was the first to test the chair to see if it's really functional! And it was!