Pranam Tries To Make Things

MAS.863 - 2016

Week 10: Output Devices

LED Board for Final Project

So, in respect to the fact that the final project is coming up, I decided to get started on the final circuit. Recall that my final project is a continuous cell culture monitor that will shine an LED through a cell culture tube and be received by a photoresistor, which I made for input week. So, this week, since I have to leave early for Thanksgiving, I wanted to quickly make an LED board, and spend the rest of the week (probably after Wednesday's class), improving my Eagle design skills to make the overall circuit.

I pretty much used the RBG demo board as my starting point for the week, and will use it to help me design the final circuit, especially the input LED


Figure 1. RBG LED traces.

I quickly milled and stuffed the board. It was so small that putting all of the pieces in was very difficult! I also liked utilizing the integrated circuits, which are insanely tiny -- pretty amazing how much electronics has advanced to allow that to happen.


Figure 2. Stuffed RGB LED board.

Finally, I just connected the board to power (5 V) and the programmer, so that I could program the LED to light up at will. It worked, but will require some more iterations.


Figure 3. Input board shining bright red LED!

Now, onto the design, which I accomplished during the Final Project, where I designed a simple LED board to integrate within the FabSpec.

Activity Tools Used
Milling The Board Modela
Stuffing the Board Soldering Stuff, Electronics