Anna Fusté Lleixà

- - > FINAL PROJECT < - -

Hello! I am Anna and I am here to learn how to make (almost) anything! I am from Barcelona and I have been working as a creative coder for the past three years. My background is a mix of software and design. However, my knowledge in fabrication is not very extensive so I am ready to learn loads and be able to bring to life my designs and creations.

Here's my progress so far:

Week 0

Intro & Computer-Aided Design

Week 1

Project Management & Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 2

Electronics production

Week 3

3D Scanning and printing

Week 4

Electronics design

Week 5

Computer-controlled machining

Week 6

Embedded programming

Week 7

Molding and casting

Week 8

Input devices

Week 9


Week 10

Output devices

Week 11

Interface and application programming

Week 12

Networking and communications

Week 13

Machine design