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week0: CAD & Project Concept week1: Parametric Design & Laser Cutting week2: 3D Scanning & Printing week3: Large Format CNC week4: Molding & Casting week5: Clank & Electronics week6: Electronics Design week7: Embedded Programming week8: Input Devices week9: Project progress week10: Output Devices week11: Networking & Communication week12: Interface & Application Programming

About Me

Jordan Gowen | IDM '21

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History, Sculpture, Furniture, MIT

My background is a weird one. I studied History and Studio Art as an undergrad, a combination of interests that led me to pursue a job as a sculptor's apprentice right out of school. After learning what I could from that job, I moved on to work for a furniture studio in Chelsea, MA. I began as a woodworker's apprentice on the shop floor, moved up the ladder to lead my own fabrication projects and eventually took up a role as a drafter and project manager. Regardless of where I've ended up, I have always wanted to learn more about how things are built and the traditional and innovative methods that drive those processes. That is why I am here: to learn how to make almost anything.