Talking to the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

Choosing modules and The Big Picture

For this week, I wanted to work towards the communication that I would need to have my kitchen toy in my Final Projectsend emails to the house when the food is ready. I consulted a lot with our TA, Will Langford (who's awesome, btw) and we discussed that there would be two main ways to do this:

  • Use a NRF24L01 on the toy to connect to a stationary computer dedicated to process a script that sends an email.
  • Use the same NRF24L01 but connect it to an XBee that connects to Wi-FI in order to send the email for me.
  • Use the ESP826P (new to the class this year) and make it connect to a webserver that would send the email. This was more risky, but a lot sexier, so I decided to join the small group of adventurers in this journey.

  • I was able to get the Wi-Fi module talking to a website, both through the Arduino Serial Monitor and through the Python script. I also milled out a Fabduino that is now ready to communicate with the WiFi module. This next step would be to push the python scripts I was sending from my computer onto the ATMEGA328P chip on the Fabduino and have it execute on its own.

    Talking to the ESP8266P WiFi Module