Mechanical Design & Machine Design

This week was a group project wherein we made a painting machine. You can see our group's website here. And the final video compilation below:

Individual Contributions

We all met for our section's tutorial, led by James, got the overview together, and then divided and conquered!
I laser cutted and led the assembly of the lasercut pieces for a while, until James saved us from folding the wrong walls into each other.

Next I tried to work with James to understand the needs for the design of our tool's end effector. There were so many possibilities! One I particularly liked was a design that held the brush parallel to the floor so that, if you put a life-size cut out of a person behind the machine, at just the right angle it might look like there is an actual person drawing on a canvas!

Next I tried to help be an extra set of hands to my peers in debugging the code and electical connections:

Though the project's assignment was on the simple side, it was modular enough and well-prepared as an instruction that it let us be as creative and ambitious as we liked. Thanks again for a great week, Nadya and James!