Tips & Tricks!

Learn from my mistakes!
Tips/Tricks & Oopsies

Taking this class and stuck on something? Want to read my list of how to's? Click here for my list of tips/tricks & mistakes that you can learn from! 

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Week 1

Final Project Brainstorm 
Time For Shellebration

Brainstormed my final project idea on paper and in a 3D CAD model with OnShape Software. Made my first ever CAD gear and top-down assembly! 

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Week 2

Construction Kit & Sand Blast

Used vinyl cutter to sand blast my partners & my initials onto metal. Practiced using laser cutter (many "oops" moments of learning along the way) 

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Week 3

Electronics Production

For this week, I milled my own PCB board and then stuffed it (soldered the components onto the board). Lastly, I checked the circuit with a multimeter to make sure it functioned properly. 

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Week 4

3D Printing & Scanning

Made a CAD model of a spiral. Sliced, added supports, and 3D printed the spiral on the Sindoh 3DWOX 3D printer at the MIT Archshop. Practiced scanning. 

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Week 5

Electronics Design

Spent many days attempting to design a board in Eagle, with a microcontroller that has many extra pins, and then tried the D11C Echo. Learned a bit of testing equipment. Learned a lot from the TAs! 

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