3. 3D Scanning and Printing

  • Design Challenge: Print something with a 3D printer that could not be made through subtraction; Scan something in 3D
  • Software: Fusion360 | Rhino
  • Machinery: Sense 3D Scanner, 3D Wox
  • Material: PLA
  • Date Completed: 10.02.17

3D Scanning

It's scanning!!!

  • Top left: Chastity is adjusting the position for me and ready to scan.
  • Top right: the Sense 3D Scanner
  • Bottom left: ME!
  • Bottom right: the back

3D Printing - My earring

  • Top left: I draw the design.
  • Top right: Create the model using Fusion 360.
  • Bottom left: It's printing my design!
  • Bottom right: It took around 40 minutes to print this piece. 

  • Top left:My object with the supports
  • Top right: removing the bottom
  • Bottom left: trim off the residue
  • Bottom right: My BEAUTIFUL earring!

3D Printing - Gimbal

I used Rhino to design with the help from my MIT design school friend. The sphere in the middle can move.

  • Top left: It took 3.5 hours to print.
  • Top right: Done removing supports!
  • Bottom left: It is a flat object with a sphere in the middle.
  • Bottom right: Two circles can rotate in different ways.

Things I LEARNT (not) to do

  • Picture 1-4: My first gimbal product failed, because it is too small to have a axis in the middle to connect each circle.
  • Picture 5&6: Same issue happened to my earring. The printer was not able to print actual object, instead, it was printing melting string.