User Interfaces

Understanding code
Given that programming is my weakest area, I was at a total loss for how to tackle this week. I wanted to make a user interface for my rudimentary turbidity meter, which is currently just Neil's synchronous detection board from input devices week. I decided to use Python for my GUI since a) Neil's GUI for the synchronous detection board is in Python and b) I am already familiar (at a very basic level) with Python and I figured I should continue to build on what I know. I didn't understand anything in Neil's code, so I read through some of this Tkinter tutorial to get me started.This helped me understand how to create text and the parameters within Neil's code that were creating the GUI window. I was pretty excited about having a button produce readings in the GUI rather than having them run continuously.

Programming the board
I modified Neil's argument length error message to make it clearer for newbies like myself and borrowed the calculations used to produce the synchronous detection readings.

I then ran into a bunch of non-GUI problems--a wire on my synchronous detection board broke off, and I had also played with the code on the board (in preparation for my final project) in such a way that it was no longer reading properly. My USBtiny programmer stopped working, so I had to take a break to re-solder the wire, add solder to the connection pads on my USBtiny, and re-program the synchronous detection board.

The final result: