An idea for a final project

Or how to put pressure on yourself

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An interactive fabrication machine

From sound to light


Come up with an idea for a final project, sketch it or represent it, and present it in class when you introduce yourself

Step 1

Even though it's understood that the idea might not stick for the actual final project, it was not that easy to decide on a project. I knew I would pick a 'fabricating machine' and that it had to be interactive. But I needed to be less abstract and also find a way to represent it which is great challenge for me, as I've a hard time transforming an idea into an image.

Step 2

I need to constrain my ambition, as I'm a slow learner. So for now the idea is to play x sound that would be interpreted in various ring sizes for a lamp shade. The idea behind it is to bring users to change their habits, according to what lamp shade they would like to get, for instance listen to really loud music instead of a subdued one.

Step 3

For the visualization of the design, until I can understand better how the rings will be fabricated, I got inspired by the designs of the Interactive Fabrication group. I made a sketch on a piece of paper and on the computer (see above).

Think, design, make, fabricate, fail, try, build, draw, sketch, err

Week 1 to week 16

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