Data visualisation

Sound to image

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Interface programming

with Arduino and Processing


This week, we need to use one of our boards and interface it with a program

Step 1

Still working towards my final project, I want to use the sound input to transform it into images to eventually make a file that will be laser cut.

Step 2

Still with my last week failure of getting data from my hello.mic board, I kept trying different programs. I manage to run this one by a previous student of the class, Filip Tejchman. I wouldn't understand for a while why the data wouldn't change. Also the integer was really high. But it got modified if I really shout into it, which was a tip I got from another experience.

Step 3

I also ran Tejchman Processing code (same url as before) just to have something that worked. And I did get some visuals after tweaking the script a bit. One thing that I had to modify was the indication of the board. Instead of giving the number of the board used, I had to write directly what it was, like this: "myPort = new Serial(this, "/dev/tty.usbserial-FTF6CTZE", 9600);". Otherwise it didn't work. Also, the function used in the script "readStringUntil('\n')" was not included in the latest Processing update for some reason, but I opted to use "myPort.readString();" instead. That said the values I got were probably not right, because it wasn't between 0 and 1023 like it's supposed to. I used his script anyway as a base and went on to modify it, and add graphic elements from another script that worked with ellipses. The result was unconvincing because I couldn't modify the data on screen, but it made for a nice animation

Think, design, make, fabricate, fail, try, build, draw, sketch, err

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