It's a communication issue

Failing to control a stepper motor with sound

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Networks and communication

Between boards


This week, we need to have boards communicate together

Step 1

My plan was to reuse my input device and my outpul device in a relationship. Towards my final project, I wanted to get the sound to control the stepper motor in a simple way. But this is the first week that I really got stuck in the appropriation of the task. I felt like I lacked the proper programming skills. I browsed the web endlessly and got help from our TA this week, Charles who gave me valuable lessons (see below sketches).

Step 2

I tried with programming from scratch in Arduino, then using Neil's code, then mix and matching, then re-used someone else's code which seemed to be sending some signal, but this one didn't change. But we couldn't figure out what was wrong. Possibly, adding an op-amp could be an option.

Step 3

In this process, I gathered a lot of information on the use of a mic that could be useful:,2534.0.html#20,12276.0.html (in french)

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