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Investigating data materialisation

starting with sound and an everyday object


This is a work in progress, we need to expose our steps

Step 1

I guess it's been a rocky journey lately because my current programming skills don't match my ambitions. I find I have to scale back obviously which was expected but in a much more frustrating way. I originally wanted to build a machine to design an entire process that would go from sound to cutting shapes for a lamp shade. And I was interested to make a home laser cutter, such as this one. Or hack a Makerbot to make a laser cutter.

Step 2

At this point, I'm contemplating the past four weeks where we essentially worked with input/output devices and where I mostly failed every step of the way. Working with a mic is tricky to start with. And I found that you need additional knowledge to understanding how sound works, behaves, and what kind of data I could get out of it.

Step 3

So basically for now, my plans are 1. add an op-amp, I need to check if this circuit for instance can be used for the board. Or maybe stick to the electret mic with a simpler circuit. Or even use another set of input, like a heart beat 2. Choose the type of data I want to use. 3. Map it to a set of visuals for a lamp shape design 4. Process those visuals for a laser cut file 5. Assemble into a design and make a lamp.

Step 4

If I manage that, I guess I'll be happy. In the meantime, here are some designs for inspiration to keep me motivated! Most projects were found in the Google image gallery for the search "laser cut lamp shade".

Step 5

And finally, another great inspiring project I came across when searching for related sound to data projects

Think, design, make, fabricate, fail, try, build, draw, sketch, err

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