[01] Final Project

Documentation of the final proyect. A lamp for a open floor office envieronment with two capacitive sensors to signal if a person is busy or not.

[01] Final Project Proposal

The final purpose of my project to understand the building blocks of smart things. To do that I will assemble a smart desk lamp, capable of measuring different metrics and providing information to find the perfect desk to work.

[02] Computer-controlled cutting

The basics on how to use a laser and a vinil cutter. The exercise is to build a press-fit cardboard kit.

[03] Electronic Production

This week we build a programmer with manual soldering.

[04] 3D Scanning and Printing

The basics of 3D Printing and Scaning. We print an object that is only possible to create by a additive process.

[05] Electronics Design

Create a basic Hello Board with a botton and a LED.

[06] Computer-controlled machining

Create something big... I tried to make a Table.

[07] Embedded Programming

Program the board made in Week 5. Use the button to turn off-on the LED.

[08] Molding and casting

Create a mold and cast pieces with it.

[09] Output Devices

Add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something.

[10] Machine Design

How to create a machine that draws.

[11] Input Devices

Trying to build a capacitive sensor.

[12] Interface and Application Programming

Create an interface that interacts with one of your boards.

[13] Networking and Communications

Create an asyncronous network.

[14] Composites

Create a composite.