[13] Networking and Communications


I created an asyncronous with one Bridge an three nodes.

What I did in this session:

  1. Design a Circuitboard.
  2. Use SNB-20 to mill the board.
  3. Solder components to the board.
  4. Program the microcontrollers to work in an asyncronous network.

Design the Circuitboard

This week I decided to join follow the asyncronous network Hello World Board.

  1. Miil the board in the SMB-20.
  2. Solder the components.
  3. Program the board
  4. I played with the board and I found that you are able to name a lot of the boards with the same name. This is very useful since for my project I want to control at the same time the intensity of the LEDs with one board.

What I did is name the Bridge Board "0" and then all the Node Boards were "1". When I sent the Node 1 instruction, all of the boards responded. In my project I am going to try to send information tho my Node boards to control the light intensity of my LEDs

Since the end of the semester is near, I spent more time perfecting my capacitive buttons, you can see the documentation in the Final Project Update