[09] Output Devices


This week we learn to create a circuitboard with an output device.

What I did in this session:

  1. Design a Circuitboard.
  2. Use SNB-20 to mill the board.
  3. Solder components to the board.
  4. Program the microcontroller and upload the program via a programmer.
  5. Debug the board.

Design the Circuitboard

This week I decided to join two board seen in class, the RGB LED Board and the Charliplexing board with 2 layers. The project was too ambicious...

  1. Design the board in Eagle.
  2. Eagle can be a very frustrating program, follow one of the tutorial we use on week 5.
  3. Miil the board in the SMB-20.
  4. Solder the components.
  5. Program the board
  6. In this step I had a lot of program to manage to create a communication with the microcontroler. Jonah suggested that because one of my LEDs was connected to the programming PINS this coudl have been causing a problem... and that was the problem. After cutting the connections to the LED, I was able to program my microcontroller.
  7. Program the board.
  8. Giving the lack of time i was not able to create my own program and I use the program for the Charliplexing LED project. There I realize that not my LED where working... but the debugging is for another time.