For my assignment on designing and making a part out of composites. Before actually starting the assignment, Rob has shown us what we have in the lab. Basically, we have several kind of materials for making composites, from which I have chosen the highest quality one.

Making the pen holder

I'd like to make a pen holder out of composite. In particular, I'd like to try connecting different composite materials together to form a complete object.

This is the mold I use for this week is directly cut from a cardboard cylinder:

Then I put the composites together in a layer by layer way:

After that, I sealed the parts together with mold in a food saving bag in vacuum:

After 12 hours (in the morning the second day), the part is ready:

There is no problem in taking the breathing layer off in the outside. However, I cannot come up any way to take the cardboard center out. It's really sticky to the part.

It turns out the part work pretty well. Next time, I will try to use wax to make the inner mold, and in the last I can just melt the wax down.