This week I have learned some very basic knowledge about machine design. For the assignment this week, we will only have a group task of designing a working machine based on a design from last year.

Actually, I have an idea of building a CNC machine/3D printer on my own. I will try to design a laser interferometer at the same time, and I will use the laser interferometer as the feedback source to make my machine really precise.

Targets and group assignment

Instead of making a full 3-axis machine, we will make a 2-axis "UV-light painting machine". We will use a UV flashlight to draw patterns on a fluorescent board.

At the beginning, we have decided to divide all 16 people to three groups:

  1. Machining group
  2. Programming group
  3. Assembly group

I decided to join the assembly group, in which we will need to assemble all the parts and motors together, and then debug the machine to make it run smoothly.

My contribution

Here is the link for our machine.

I have mainly involved in assembling the vertical axis and overall assembling of the machine. In addition, I made contribution to the supporting parts of the fluorescent board, i.e., the parts that make the board stand steady and straight.